OG USA develops sustainable, off grid living by employing a collaborative design process, modular construction techniques, sustainable materials, and cost-effective financing options, OG USA aims to provide efficient and affordable one, two, and three-bedroom homes with modern amenities at an unprecedented rate of production
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Our Mission

OG USA is a company formed in the spirit of Family. One new addition at a time, our group grew larger and stronger on the bedrock of Friendship and Love. We became a family, an Eternal Family bound by our allegiance to a set of Values including Loyalty, Honesty, and Respect, while also sharing and embracing the Principles of Integrity, Compassion, Commitment, and Work Ethic.

What we do?

We eagerly take into account all available information, data, advice, opinions, statistics, etc. in our constant effort to determine the right course of action. With proper consideration and thoughtful reconsideration, we determine what we believe to be right and good, then we move swiftly in that direction.



At OG USA, we stand tall and confident, evidence of our more Noble character; while at the same time we remain grounded with a constant state of Humility. With open hearts and eager minds, we receive new thoughts and ideas, while we stand very firmly on the foundation of our core values and principles, and the wisdom we find in their sum.


We find Honor and Enjoyment in the service of others. We believe that if we do the RIGHT THING for the RIGHT REASON, the results will bring happiness, accomplishment, and prosperity to our family and each of the families that we are privileged to serve. Our success is tied to the success of those we serve!


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Needless to say… We take pride in what we do!

  • The lack of affordable and adequate housing options has significantly impacted the quality of life and well-being of many American communities
  • The objective of this project is to develop a sustainable and scalable solution for constructing affordable one, two, and three-bedroom homes that meet the unique cultural and environmental needs of these communities
  • The plan also includes renovations on qualified existing domiciles, including solar power, bathroom additions, and more
  • The solution shall prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the use of sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and construction techniques


Collaborative Design Process

Engage with suburban communities throughout the nation, local leaders, and housing experts to understand specific housing requirements, cultural preferences, and environmental considerations. This collaborative approach will ensure that the constructed homes align with the needs and aspirations of the many unique families they will serve.
Carpenter working on a wooden wall. Prefabricated house

Modular Construction

Utilize modular construction techniques to expedite the construction process and reduce costs. Pre-fabricated components can be manufactured off-site, allowing for faster assembly and reduced labor requirements. This approach ensures consistency in quality and enables scalability to meet the incredible housing demand that we face.
Happy owner holding solar panel, standing in front of his house.

Sustainable Materials and Energy Efficiency

Incorporate sustainable building materials, such as recycled materials and locally sourced resources, to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, prioritize energy-efficient designs, including proper insulation, solar panels, coupled with energy-saving appliances and other energy-saving solutions, to reduce long-term operating costs and promote sustainability.
Real estate agent talked about the terms of the home purchase agreement and asked the customer to sign the documents to make the contract legally, Home sales and home insurance concept.

Cost-Effective Financing Options

Work closely with local governments, non-profit organizations, and financial institutions to develop innovative financing models that make home ownership more accessible to minority and low-income communities. This may include low-interest loans, down payment assistance, and other long-term affordability measures.
Land plot in aerial view. Gps registration survey of property, real estate for map with location, area. Concept for residential construction, development. Also home or house for sale, buy, investment.

Comprehensive Solution

While many Americans enjoy the comforts and conveniences offered by traditional power sources and municipal services delivering basic domestic needs to their homes, many others requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses the unique needs of their communities in order to attain a similar level of living. By employing a collaborative design process, modular construction techniques, sustainable materials, and cost-effective financing options, OG USA aims to provide efficient and affordable one, two, and three-bedroom homes with modern amenities at an unprecedented rate of production; while also performing renovations on many existing properties, including the addition of bathrooms with indoor plumbing. This comprehensive solution will help to alleviate the housing crisis and improve the living conditions for these families, fostering stronger, healthier communities for generations to come.


At OG USA, we apply our knowledge and resources to the needs of the communities we serve. We listen and learn on each project, from the people who know what they need.

working as one team

Our team joins the leadership teams of suburban and rural communities to create strategies.

key to our success

Our open-minded and collaborative approach paves the road to success.

combined input

Input and consideration of thoughts and ideas of all stakeholders is our mantra.

creativity keeps us bright

Never settling for status quo, our team works hard to ensure the best solutions.

bottom up approach

We take advice from all involved to keep all perspectives in mind.

begin with the end in mind

Everyone on our team is committed to the end goal... stronger, sustainable communities.


We are here to give you any information you need. Feel free to contact us.

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